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Unlimited Possibilities

By John Lumbard, CFA. In 1972 the Club of Rome, a global think tank formed by “scientists, economists, heads of state, UN bureaucrats, high-level politicians and government officials” caused an international sensation with the publication of The Limits to Growth, which predicted that population growth and economic growth would exhaust all...
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Happy Days Are Here Again

By John Lumbard .  The economy is strengthening. Home prices have jumped 10% in the last twelve months alone, and home equity---the part of the home that the homeowner actually owns, is up an incredible 25%.  Over the same period the stock market is up 20%, adding another $2.5 trillion to...
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Fair Winds

By Paul Wright, CFA. The Congressional Budget Office now estimates that the 2013 federal deficit will be just $642 Billion.  That’s still about $4,000 in new debt for every American under the age of 40, but it’s a vast improvement over last year’s $1.1 trillion.  And the deficit for 2015, two...
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