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Politics or Public Service?

By John Lumbard .  "In a June Washington Post/ABC News Survey, only 29% of Americans said that they were inclined to support their House representative in November . . . . . The American people are looking for candidates and parties that champion fiscal discipline, limited government, deficit reduction and a free...
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A Political Platform?

“Why not take the five ideas from your first post and bundle them together as a political platform? Then ask candidates to pledge to fight for those proposals if they get into office.” — “Massachusetts: Cradle of Revolution”...
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$175,000 per person

“To deliver on all the government’s obligations and promises we’d need $175,000 per person right now.” –The Concord Coalition That’s $53 trillion. It includes both the existing debt and the future unfunded cost of entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security. Bashing Bush/Obama might be our national pastime, but it’s the Congress that...
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