Line-Item Veto Archive

Calling All Democrats

Your Country Needs You. By John Lumbard. The really worrying thing about the unfolding spectacle in Greece isn't the insolvency of Greece.  Low-cost loans from Germany and the rest of Europe will patch over the near term crisis.  But Germany has already stated that it will not and cannot bail out Spain and...
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Constituents Calling

"If interest rates are at 10% when the net federal debt hits $10 trillion (roughly two years from now), we will find ourselves paying $1 trillion per year in interest.” "Interest would vault over medical care to become the largest item in the federal budget.  $1 trillion is $8,547 per household,...
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A Pledge of Fiscal Responsibility

(To be taken by candidates for federal office) I pledge that, if elected, I will introduce legislation to establish: A Balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, with appropriate exceptions for times of war and recession. A line-item veto, to give the President a fighting chance to eliminate pork and earmarks. Term Limits, of any durations...
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