Line-Item Veto Archive

Join Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment

By John Lumbard.   As the months have rolled by we've worked to simplify our message, because nobody wants to stop partying long enough to think about bipartisan fiscal responsibility.  Most Americans are for it---probably by a massive majority---but most haven't even thought about practical ways to ensure that the Congress does...
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How ’bout a Little Optimism? The American Promise.

By John Lumbard.   Investors are running scared right now, fearful that a slowdown in our economy means that we're headed back into a double-dip recession.  Stop worrying and enjoy a double dip in the ocean (a balmy 66 degrees at the New Hampshire shore today) or two scoops of ice cream at Annabelle's here...
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The Line-Item Veto

By Austin Russell, Generation Y. My government teacher says that the president lost the line item veto because congress is given the "power of the purse," and that the line item interferes with that.  Still, it seems that a line item veto would be perfectly constitutional if Congress could challenge each...
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