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Sustainable Government

By Dan H.   As California goes, so goes the nation.  That has long been the case with fad and fashion, but lately California has been playing the role of canary in the coal mine.  The state budget is out of control, and there are no longer any easy answers.   Much...
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Consumer Debt-cutting

There is at least some good news on the personal finance front. Increases in "consumer debt" -- defined as total revolving and non-revolving personal debt -- are being more than offset by decreases in mortgage and credit card debt.  As a result, total personal debt is declining (see U.S. Debt Clock). It...
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Who do we want to be?

By James Schaefer Some years ago Claude Bristol wrote a book entitled, "The Magic of Believing".  It covers, among other things, the importance of personal responsibility---in our decisions about school,  our career paths, and our life goals.  It applies to our moral standards, our management of personal finances, and our management of debt. It...
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