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The War On Poverty

“The official poverty rate in the United States, defined as lacking resources for life's basic needs, was 19% in 1964. It had fallen to 12.1% by 1969, the year Johnson left office. Last year, it stood at 15%.” -- USA Today. ... What would a victory in the War on Poverty look like? ...
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On Tax Reform and Bipartisanship

By James Schaefer. The last time the tax code underwent a major revision was nearly 30 years ago, in the mid-1980s, under bi-partisan legislation led by Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O'Neil. The existing tax code is nearly 4 million words long!  Our source here is an IRS document, "The Complexity of the...
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Taxation, Needs, and Wants

By James Schaefer All discussions about taxation must begin with a single premise: there will never, ever be enough tax revenue to satisfy the political appetite.  With apologies to General Chesty Puller, "Men, we're surrounded.  This simplifies our problem." America's citizens are surrounded by taxes, and demands for additional taxes.  No matter...
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