Adults in the Room

By James Schaefer.

At a time of partisan warfare, inside-the-beltway gridlock, and a Congressional approval rating chronically below 10%, the recent budget accord worked out by  Senator Patty Murray (D, Washington State) and Representative Paul Ryan (R, Wisconsin) is a step in the right direction, and evidence of adult leadership in Washington.

No one side of the political spectrum fully represents America’s citizens; no one party speaks with “one true voice” for all the American people.

It is incumbent on both sides to work together to accomplish legislation that best meets the needs of the country.

This means compromise, just as Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill compromised to forge the budget deal of the mid-1980s.

Americans who work for a living — which means most of us — have a vested interest in how their tax money is spent.

It is important for the members of Congress to put aside the arguments of the strident left and strident right and do the nation’s business, rather than delay, obstruct, obfuscate, veto, and demonize.

Senator Murray and Representative Ryan have shown the value and importance of listening — respectfully listening — to both sides of the political dynamic, and forging a budget proposal that meets the needs of the country.




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