Whence We Came

By James Schaefer.

  The original colonists of America and Canada were risk-takers — by definition, a self-selecting group of people — willing to leave behind family and culture and language and all that stood for civilization to cross an ocean in search of a better life.

No government handouts awaited them.

That entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down, intangibly and imperceptibly, from generation to generation, and it is imbued in the DNA of both nations in the form of a robust private sector that drives both economies.

In the end, they were not founding just companies, but countries; and the great successes of these two nations is in large part because the people who founded them believed in themselves and their ability to succeed in the face of incredible odds.

However noble its intentions, whenever government provides an ever-enlarging circle of incentives that diminish that spirit, people will respond, and the nation will become poorer as a result.

We tamper with that DNA at our peril.


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