Your Legislators Work for You. Make Them Do Their Jobs!

We’ve heard a lot of talk about fiscal responsibility in the last few months, and now it’s time for the new Congress to follow through.  The primary responsibility of our congresspeople is to manage our money responsibly;  if they continue to pile IOUs onto the backs of little children we should kick them out in 2012.

We’re not asking that they balance the budget next year, but rather insisting that we need a new set of rules to keep our wayward congresspeople on task—now and 50 years from now.  We can align their incentives with those of the nation, paying them only in years when the budget is balanced, or simply tell them what they have to do.  There are lots of good ideas on the table, including the line-item veto, sunset provisions for all new legislation, a spending cap at the established 20%-of-GDP level, and an end to earmarks.  It happens that the idea with the most traction is a Balanced-Budget Amendment to the Constitution .

We’ve set up a free and easy way to express your support.  Send a text message to:


That’s the “phone number”.  Now type in the message:

BBA Yes!

Your text message will be recorded as a “vote” for a Balanced-Budget Amendment, as long as it starts with “BBA”.  If you don’t know how to do it, ask any teenager, anywhere in the world.  Only one vote will be registered from each caller, so don’t try to call twice.

Why the number 47?  1947 was the year in which we began paying back the gigantic debts of World War II.  It can be done!  In that year we collected taxes equal to 16.5% of GDP, and spent just 14.8% (thus creating a “surplus” and paying off debt equal to 1.7% of GDP).  In 1948 Harry Truman and a Democratic Congress cut spending even more, to just 11.6% of GDP.

We’ve only paid for the first 17,000 calls, so please help us fund this program by visiting, and sending a donation to Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment by clicking “Join”.  Our service provider Unwired Appeal has underwritten part of the cost.  They guarantee that your cell phone number will not be used for any other purpose.

Sponsored by Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment and We Elected 

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