Term Limits? Again?

By John Lumbard.

  It’s said that fish and guests begin to stink after 3 days or so.  Apparently the American public now believes, by overwhelming margins (74% of Democrats and 84% of Republicans), that even competent congressmen begin to stink after a while.  Term limits are back in favor, presumably because the public believes that power corrupts.  The desire to win reelection doesn’t ruin everybody, but in time it causes most—including most of the best—to make poor life choices.

Not so very long ago term limits were one of the five items in our pledge of fiscal responsibility. Five items proved to be too many to remember, and there were a few objections to the idea of kicking out the best and brightest just as they were reaching chairmanships and real power. But this might be another idea whose time has come. 

The poll of 900 voters, conducted by Opinion Dynamics, also revealed that 70% of voters actively disapprove of the job that Congress is doing.  No surprise there.

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