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By John Lumbard.

  As the months have rolled by we’ve worked to simplify our message, because nobody wants to stop partying long enough to think about bipartisan fiscal responsibility.  Most Americans are for it—probably by a massive majority—but most haven’t even thought about practical ways to ensure that the Congress does its job in the future.  Few have even heard of the line-item veto . . . . Our best shot, then, is to trumpet the balanced budget amendment in concert with the ABBA, which has already logged a lot of miles and collected a lot of signatures in support. 

So please join the ABBA, get a bumper sticker, and put it on your car.  You don’t have to make any donation to get your name on the list, but $10 will get you a bumper sticker and a warm feeling.  Their proposal for a constitutional amendment is below.

The ABBA Philosophy

What is a balanced budget amendment?

Simply put, a balanced budget amendment would limit the spending of the federal government to be equal or less than the revenue it collects each year. There would be an allowance whereby Congress could spend more in times of war, severe recession, or other emergency if 60% of both houses of Congress approved. To prevent misuse of the clause, Congress would have to renew this emergency allowance each year.

What do you support, and why?

We believe that passage of a balanced budget amendment will be one of the greatest, most meaningful achievements of our generation. It is the best way to control government spending, keep our country out of debt, and help the economy when we need it most.

Americans for a Balanced Budget advocates grassroots action because recent years have demonstrated that politicians in Washington are out of control. They continue to add unprecedented levels of debt to each and every American, and it is up to us to stop them before it’s too late. Our national debt is already over $12 trillion, which amounts to nearly $160,000 for a family of four. This year the federal government will increase our deficit almost $1.5 trillion. That’s $1,500,000,000,000 of extra debt.

A balanced budget amendment is the best way to control government spending because it is the only method that is fail-safe, unlike other schemes (such as Pay-Go, Gramm-Rudman, etc) that are easily abused by budget gimmicks and political maneuvering. The emergency provision will also ensure that our government can respond to crises like the tough times we are experiencing today.

Forty-nine of the fifty states’ constitutions require a balanced budget, and we should demand the same from our federal government. If you believe as we do, please join us.

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