Sustainable Government

By Dan H.

  As California goes, so goes the nation.  That has long been the case with fad and fashion, but lately California has been playing the role of canary in the coal mine.  The state budget is out of control, and there are no longer any easy answers.

  Much of the anger of the voters has been directed at overpaid public employees.  For the last two years the Orange County Register has been running a column called the OC Watchdog: Your Tax Dollars At Work.  It has done a tremendous job of ferreting out pension and salary abuses, such as the city manager of Bell, CA, who was earning about $800,000 by working four city jobs concurrently. Bell citizens ran him out of town. 

  Voters across the country are still seething at the revelation that federal employees earn significantly more than their private sector counterparts—the people who pay their salaries—and that they enjoy more job security to boot.  It’s not easy to have any impact on federal salaries, and many state employees are protected by contracts that won’t expire for years.  But if more of the nation’s newspapers had this type of column, the voters would take action!

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