Americans For A Balanced Budget Amendment

Alan Parks is the founder of Americans For A Balanced Budget Amendment (, which collects signatures and builds support for the constitutional amendment that came within one vote of passing the Congress back in the mid 1990s.  It can be done.

Alan tells us that he commissioned a survey, with dollars from his own pocket, and found that 61% of Americans were already supporting a balanced-budget amendment in 2009, when the nation’s debt was a lot smaller and the New York Times hadn’t yet noticed that we had a problem.  It’s a good bet that the support has crossed the 2/3 threshold—and the Times is fully on board—but he says that the support is “a mile wide and an inch deep.” 

If you’ve read this far you probably support this idea (if you’re still not sure read “Facts and Figures”, above), but you need to recognize that it won’t happen unless you help spread the word.  The people of Greece talked about fiscal crisis—some of them talked about it every day as Armageddon approached—and yet they didn’t take action.  If we don’t move, very soon, to reassure our foreign creditors we could find ourselves in a downward spiral of rising interest rates and rising debt from which there would be no escape.  Nobody is big enough to bail out the United States the way Europe bailed out Greece.

So join Alan’s organization.  Write a comment here (feel free to use a pen name), or send us a message via “contact us”.  E-mail your friends, and talk to your congressman.  Make a little noise, because it’s your future that’s at stake.

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