A budding fiscal conservative at the NYT?

by Michael Smith.

OK, multiple choice. How can you tell when big changes are in the air?

 A. You literally look up in the air, and pigs are flying.

 B. Hell has frozen over and the sinners are all ice-skating.

 C. A New York Times columnist worries about runaway federal spending and calls on Washington to pump the brakes.

 The answer is all of the above, but as of this writing we have confirmed reports of only “C.” The May 9 edition of the New York Times features a column by Thomas L. Friedman that puts him in surprising company. He speaks frankly of the destructive borrowing that blogger Michelle Malkin (and various Republicans) described last year as “generational theft.” He also cites Europe’s deteriorating financial health as a preview of what could happen in America—a theme often visited by conservative commentator Mark Steyn.

 Friedman’s piece is a welcome acknowledgement that unsustainable deficit spending is more than a scarecrow conjured up by the right. A financial collapse on the order of what’s unfolding in Greece will not differentiate by ideology or politics; it will take the whole bickering lot of us down together. We need to work together to prevent it. Tom Friedman is in a position to help; I hope he keeps talking.

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