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The press and the public have largely accepted the need to do something about the nation’s growing debt, and that’s very encouraging.  But there isn’t much time;  we don’t have to actually balance the budget in the next two years, but it’s essential that we prove to the world (the Chinese, Japanese, and European investors who are supporting our borrowing habits) that we are on a new path.  And the record of the last decade argues strongly that we won’t be able to stay on that new path without permanent changes in the way our government works.  In matters of the budget it’s always the self-serving congressmen who prevail over those who are truly trying to serve the national interest.

Please read this blog.  And then help us find candidates—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents—who will pledge to fight for a credible plan of action.

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  1. Atlanta says:

    Try this web site for candidates:

    The Georgia primary is in July. Here are the Georgia candidates. Quite a few of them have facebook pages, so that might be a way to go.
    Johnny Isakson (R)* – (Campaign Site) – Next Election in 2010.
    Paul Broun (R) – Congressman & Physician
    Jim Butler (D) – Attorney
    R.J. Hadley (D) – Ex-Rockdale County Commission Chief of Staff, Ex-Social Worker & Democratic Activist
    Michael Thurmond (D) – State Labor Commissioner, Ex-State Rep. & Attorney
    Chuck Donovan (Libertarian) – Airline Pilot & USMC Veteran
    C. Saxby Chambliss (R)* – (Campaign Site) – Next Election in 2014.
    District 1:
    Jack Kingston (R)* – (Campaign Site)
    District 2:
    Sanford Bishop (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    Mike Keown (R) – State Rep., Ex-Coolidge Mayor, Baptist Pastor & Ex-Prison Deputy Warden
    District 3:
    Lynn Westmoreland (R)* – (Campaign Site)
    Alan Weaver (Independent)
    District 4:
    Hank Johnson (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    Vernon Jones (D) – Ex-DeKalb County CEO, Ex-State Rep., Telecommunications Executive & ‘08 US Sen. Candidate
    Connie Stokes (D) – DeKalb County Commissioner, Ex-State Sen. & Realtor
    Liz Carter (R) – Management Consultant
    Larry Gause (R) – Airport Hangar Manager & Navy Veteran
    Cory Ruth (R) – Management Consultant & Community Activist
    District 5:
    John Lewis (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    District 6:
    Tom Price (R)* – (Campaign Site)
    District 7:
    John Linder (R)* – (Campaign Site)
    District 8:
    Jim Marshall (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    Mac Collins (R) – Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Sen., Businessman & ‘04 US Senate Candidate
    Ken DeLoach (R) – Central Fellowship Christian Academy Dean & Pastor
    Angela Hicks (R) – Businesswoman
    Valerie Myers (R) – Technical Writer & Ron Paul Campaign Activist
    Paul Rish (R) – Ex-Bibb County GOP Chair & Businessman
    Diane Vann (R) – Nurse & Army Veteran
    District 9:
    [ Nathan Deal (R)* – Candidate for Governor in 2010. ]
    Danny Benton (R)
    Max Burns (R) – Ex-Congressman & North Georgia College Business School Dean
    Chris Cates (R) – Cardiologist & Medical School Professor
    Mike Cowan (R) – Whitfield County Commissioner
    Tom Dooley (R) – Businessman & Army Veteran
    Steve Farrow (R) – Ex-State Transportation Board Member
    Tom Graves (R) – State Rep. & Real Estate Investor
    Lee Hawkins (R) – State Sen. & Dentist
    Jeremy Jones (R) – Businessman
    Bert Loftman (R) – Retired Neurosurgeon, Fair Tax Activist & ‘98 Libertarian US Sen. Nominee
    Jeff Mullis (R) – State Sen.
    Bobby Reese (R) – State Rep. & Real Estate Broker
    Bill Stephens (R) – Ex-State Sen., Banker, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide & ‘06 Secretary of State Candidate
    Steve Tarvin (R) – Chickamauga City Councilman
    Martha Zoeller (R) – Radio Talk Show Host
    Mike Freeman (D) – Hall County Democratic Chair, Episcopal Minister & Retired Navy Captain
    Wyc Orr (D) – Ex-State Rep. & ‘92 Candidate
    Eugene Moon (Independent) – Marketing Executive
    District 10:
    Paul Broun Jr. (R)* – (Campaign Site)
    Cason Sisk (R) – Solar Energy Equipment Salesman & Golf Pro
    Sandy Untermyer (D) – Retired Teacher
    District 11:
    Phil Gingrey (R)* – (Campaign Site)
    District 12:
    John Barrow (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    Regina Thomas (D) – Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Tax Form Preparer & ‘08 Candidate
    Ray McKinney (R) – Nuclear Services Manager & ‘08 Candidate
    Jeanne Seaver (R) – Businesswoman & GOP Activist
    Carl Smith (R) – Thunderbolt Fire Department Chief & Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs Ex-President
    District 13:
    David Scott (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    Michael Frisbee (Independent) – Website Consultant

  2. Jim Jeppson says:

    You could waste a lot of effort on minor candidates if you contact them before the primaries. Try calling the parties and asking for a list of nominees who are leading in the polls.

  3. Providence says:

    I really don’t care about a balanced Federal budget, per se.
    Rather, I want the Feds to keep their spending below ~19%, and to set that % on a downward trajectory.
    Equally important, I want them to cut marginal tax rates, especially on corporations. Corporate rates should be immediately cut to 15% or 20%. This would immediately reestablish our economy as the most competitive in the world.
    btw, Paygo is a TERRIBLE idea!
    You’ve probably seen this, but watch it again:

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