A Trillion Dollars

How big is a trillion dollars?  A trillion one-dollar bills, stacked one on top of another, would reach 67,866 miles. Forbes says that the richest 400 Americans-Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, the Wal-Mart Waltons, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Dell, the guys from Google, and 389 of their peers-are only worth $1.27 trillion.

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  2. JamesT says:

    A trillion dollars is one million wealthy Americans, 0.32% of the U.S. population, being willing to walk away from 30 years of future Social Security payments of about $2,800 per month. The Social Security Administration’s IOUs from the U.S. government currently total $2.4 trillion, and the agency will start cashing in those IOUs later this year, for the first time in its history. The federal government has used Social Security revenue as a source of additional revenue for too long, to enable it to live above its means, using borrowed money. Can we find one million Americans, or better yet, 2.4 million Americans, willing to walk away from a future stream of cash flows worth a million dollars each, to keep the system solvent? Can we find enough Members of Congress with the courage to propose, support and pass a Constitutional Amendment requiring fiscal responsibility at the federal level? Doing so by legislation, or by an executive order, is insufficient, as both of these are subject to the whims of the moment, and to the influence of lobbyists and PACs. It must be a Constitutional Amendment, the voice of the people, and inviolable; it must limit government’s ability to live above its means, and it must limit the size of government relative to the economy. It is unconscionable that our generation would leave a legacy of profligacy, and an enormous debt burden, for our children and grandchildren. Both government and citizens must work towards greater fiscal responsibility, and fiscal sanity, in their lives. A trillion dollars is attainable, and so is a Constitutional Amendment on Fiscal Responsibility. My older (and wiser) brother told me as a teenager: “Debt is Slavery. Savings = Freedom. Save until it hurts.” It applies equally to government.

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